There are many web frameworks in Golang. As I know, there are at least 11 web frameworks that the Golang developers are frequently using for their projects. For example, Gin, Beego, Kit, Echo, FastHttp, Fiber, Mux, Kratos, Httprouter, Revel, Go-zero, Martini, and etc.

For beginners, the abundance of choices makes…

In order to learn a new skill, we always read many books and take a lot of training. However, the result is often disappointing and we fail to learn any new skill.

In fact, there are 3 steps we should follow to learn a new skill successfully.

First, we need…

For many people, “write what you know,” is an excellent guide. If you want to stick with the familiar, keep your eyes and mind open. The best writers reveal the mystery in everyday reality.

If you prefer to go as far as your imagination will take you, keep a link to reality. In Tamora Pierce’s fantasy classic, Alanna, The First Adventure, Alanna disguises herself as a boy so that she can train as a warrior. The fantasy element in this book is fascinating, but what really grabs readers is its truth. What girl hasn’t — at least one — felt that certain worlds are only open to boys? Alanna steps into a boy’s life in order to fulfill an unusual destiny. It’s a thrilling idea. Even the most distant worlds have familiar problems.




  1. 手应当不停地写。(不要停下来重读你刚才写的那一行,那只是在拖时间,并在设法控制你正在说的话。)
  2. 不要删除。(那是在编辑你写的东西,就算写出来的并不是你原本打算写的东西,也随它去。)
  3. 别担心错别字,标点符号和语法。(甚至别去管是否把字写出了格子,或超出线。)
  4. 放松控制。
  5. 别思考,别想着要合乎逻辑。
  6. 把头脑里的东西全部写出来, 就算你会写出可怕的东西,也不要管,写下来。


What materials you can write?

When you need materials to write, you should think about your experience, knowledge, observations, and memories.

  • all of your embarrassing moments — the more humiliating the better. …

Bin Peng

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